Terms and Conditions for custom work

Branded Imagery requires full payment upfront on all digital work, then you will be placed on my list. Once i start sketching and working on your designs there will be NO REFUND! 

Once the client receives the base design they will have 3 business days to review and get in contact with me about revisions before they get moved to the back on my list, so i can moved forward with other clients. Please be respectful of my time as well as other clients.

IF client has gone over 20 business days (full month) with no contact you will receive whatever i have for you and you will NOT BE REFUNDED. Clients can get put back on list for more revisions but will be charged a fee.
IF client hasn't sent back your questionnaire, I have no design to send you will taken off my list. If you are ready to move forward after that point, you will have to pay a fee to be put back on the list but you will go to the end of said list. NO EXCEPTIONS! NO REFUNDS! 
FEE IS $125 per design
TAT to start is 3-10 weeks